Since my childhood, I've been under the spell of our wild kindreds as guides. I'm fascinated by how well they serve as messengers for our intuition, helping our minds discover what we already know in our hearts. Animals are part of our shared vocabulary as human beings–that's why they appear in the folk tales of every culture on the planet. Animals speak in the deep language of our souls.


Curious about how animals can help guide you towards your most wild and precious life? Try it for yourself... hold a question in your mind and then scroll over the animals on this page. Close your eyes and click on a card to see what guidance the animal has for you!


This ritual of tuning into a knowing beyond one's five senses is practiced in some form by The Ancients of every race. In the wisdom traditions of my native Philippines – things can be infused with energy, making an object or talisman both precious and powerful. I believe these practices are even more relevant and needed now, in our ever-changing, fast-paced, modern world. 


My art is the result of my formal training in lithography and a daily practice of art meditation. After months spent drawing animals, I began giving them as gifts. My friends encouraged me to offer them for sale and I discovered others connecting and delighting in the talismans. They are reminders of who we truly are: wild and precious!


Know that when you make a purchase in the Wild+Precious Shop, a portion of the proceeds goes towards animal conservation and the preservation of indigenous cultures.


I'm so happy you stopped by! Come say hi! You can also sign up for my easy primer on how to connect with your animal guides.




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